Selective Racking System

A Selective Racking System provides 100% selectivity, higher picking rate and good stock rotation. A small aisle of only 3000mm or even less, depending on the type of material handling equipment used, is enough for quick and accurate picking or storing of pallets or storing of pallets. Our priorities in the design of our racking system are safety, practicality and economy. Maximum utilization of area and air space is of utmost importance as land is getting more expensive by the day. Pallet racking systems is the solution for much sought after storage space. Other popular storage systems include the high density Drive in /Drive Thru Racking system, Very Narrow Aisle Racking Systems and Double-deep Racking System.


Metech Very Narrow Aisle Racking

Very Narrow Aisle Racking makes optimum use of floor area and roof height by providing high density storage which still allows individual access to all pallets. The system is served by specially designed forklift machines with the mast or fork head rotating to left or right as required. Operator cabins may be elevating or static. Aisles are only marginally wider than the handling equipment

Metalock Uprights

Metalock Pallet Racking System, one of the most successful, innovative and versatile racking systems has in fact, a series of characteristics that permits this line of racking to resolve an Industrial Racking problems, optimizing structural and functional aspect, with ease.

The numeric part of the model name Metalock 12 stands for the uprights which have a 12 fold profile, cold rolled into perfection. This gives the upright exceptional stiffness, allowing considerable load capacity even with very high structures. The hexagonal slots allow definite locking and clasping of the beam connectors onto the upright.

Metalock Beams

The beams are steel structures made from steel strips and have specially shaped lugs which are locked onto the Metalock uprights firmly. Joint efficiency between Metalock uprights and Metalock beams, optimizes vertical and horizontal load-bearing capacity. A safety pin avoids accidental dislodgment of the beams.